Toriiiiiii (lost_in__you) wrote in prettyfxcks,

with pretty eyed boys girls die to trust

name: victoria, otherwise known as Tori
age: 13
Location: 413
status: loving andrew<33

emo or rap: either as long as the lyrics are good
beyonce or ashanti: beyonce
britney spears or jessica simpson: jessica simpson
christina aguilera or britney spears: christina aguilera
usher or jayz: usher!!
pdiddy or jarule: jarule
hilary duff or lindsay lohan: lindsay lohan
backstreet boys or nsync (lol): backstreet boys
dogs or cats: dogs
lizzie mcquire or thats so raven: lizzie mcguire

what do you think of
britney spears: used to be decent...then she got married over and over adn sorta became a slut
emo: great lyrics
jessica simpson: not the best..not the worst. very pretty!!
gay marriage: if a person is gay, LET THEM BE FUCKIGN GAY!!!
50 cent: obviously is good if he like came out of the blue one day. lol but sorta uglyyy
eminem: cool, looks like a pornstar to me haha, but hes good
michael jackson: ahh grosss
degrassi: BEST SHOW#%!@%#$!#

have you ever seen
fullhouse: of course
clarissa explains it all: hmmm..dont think so
are you afriad of the dark: i heard of it..but not sure if i seen it
saved by the bell: yepp
degrassi: duhh
finders keepers: yeh
GUTS: no
rugrats: yiip, used to love that show
harriot the spy: OWN IT!! used to try and be like her
banana pajamas: hahh yeh
salor moon: yeh, a couple times, but never really liked it

book: Aimee
movie: the never ending story, im a dork
color: pale green, and pink
show: degrassi
song: landslide bye dixie chicks. lol
band: theres alot
food: tacos?
drink: sprite
animal: giraff
flavor: watermelon
dessert: chocolate moose

TELL A funny STORY that happened to you. true story AND THREE PICTURES

hahaha ok. me and my friend alyssa were at the pond near my house looking for frogs. the water was low so it was just mud for like 10 feet out. stupid me goes out on a log and flys off. i land in the mud and start to sink!!! alyssa comes running to try and save me..but she sinks too. so we're both half way past out thighs stuck in mud. and we cant get out. we didnt know what to do! i was practically crying cause i thought my life was over. alyssas sister comes trying to help us. and she tells alyssa to grab this twig. the fricken thing was so skinny alyssa touched it and it snapped. we finally got out because alyssa's dad came to the rescue. and then we like lost our sandals in the mud. i seriously thought my life was flashing before me. lol

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im the one in the middle..
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