jordyn <3 (jordynx__) wrote in prettyfxcks,
jordyn <3

with pretty eyed boys girls die to trust

name: jordyn
age: 12
Location: longmeadow
status: single =(

emo or rap: i like them both
beyonce or ashanti: beyonce
britney spears or jessica simpson: jessica
christina aguilera or britney spears: britney
usher or jayz: usher
pdiddy or jarule: jarule
hilary duff or lindsay lohan: lindsay
backstreet boys or nsync (lol): haha id have to go with nysnc.. i used to love them
dogs or cats: dogs
lizzie mcquire or thats so raven: thats so raven hha

what do you think of
britney spears: if she gets married.. she shuld stay married
emo: like it =)
jessica simpson: hmm okay
gay marriage: its fine with me
50 cent: idk kinda weird looking.. but i like his songs
eminem: good songs
michael jackson: EW
degrassi: i effin love that show

have you ever seen
fullhouse: yep
clarissa explains it all: yeh
are you afriad of the dark: mhm
saved by the bell: nope
degrassi: YES!
finders keepers: nope
GUTS: no
rugrats: yes of course
harriot the spy: no
banana pajamas: no
salor moon: yeh but i didnt like it

book: hm im not sure i dont like to read
movie: the notebook
color: pink
show: degrassi.. full house
song: i have alot
band: alot
singer/rapper: singer-not sure rapper- 50 cent
food: pasta or pizza
drink: coke or sprite
animal: i love dolphins&hearts;
flavor: chocolate
dessert: ice cream =)

Funny story :: i was at this block party thing with my friends meg alex gina and kristen.. and there was like a ton of skateboarders there like our age and we told them that we knew ryan sheckler (an awesome skateboarder) and we made some famous skateboarders up and we told them that we knew them also.. and they believed us and we told them that gina was a skateboarder too and went out with ryan.. and they wanted us to call him so gina called her friend calvin and he pretended to be ryan sheckler so they were like woah, thats soo cool that u guys hang out with pro skateboarders ahaha



 that pic is kinda screwed sorry. its the only one i culd find ::im the one in the middle::

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