punky jewster. (mavro_asteri) wrote in prettyfxcks,
punky jewster.

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with pretty eyed boys girls die to trust
status: single /-:

emo or rap: rap
beyonce or ashanti: beyonce
britney spears or jessica simpson: Jessica Simpson
christina aguilera or britney spears:Britney Spears
usher or jayz:jayz
pdiddy or jarule:pdiddy
hilary duff or lindsay lohan:lindsay lohan
backstreet boys or nsync (lol):nsync
dogs or cats: i love dogs!
lizzie mcquire or thats so raven:thats so raven

what do you think of
britney spears: shes ok sometimes
emo: i like it a lot
jessica simpson: shes pretty cool, i like her voice
gay marriage: theres nothing rong with it
50 cent: i like some of his songs
eminem: I really like his music
michael jackson: no words..
degrassi: really good show

have you ever seen
fullhouse: yess
clarissa explains it all: ya
are you afriad of the dark: haha yes
saved by the bell: yea
degrassi: yea
finders keepers: uhh i dunno
GUTS: yes
rugrats: lol yes
harriot the spy: yeah, read it 2
banana pajamas: yeah lol
salor moon: OMG lol yea

book:i like harry potter, im a dork :-)
movie: napolean dynamite
color: purpl
show: prolly oc
song: boulevard of broken dreams
band: greenday
singer/rapper: i like eminem
food: pizza
drink: coke
animal: DOGSSS
flavor: mint
dessert: anything chocolate <3

Funny Story: me and my friend wer prank callin this girl in r skool and we looken her # up in the directory and the girl abouve her, her mom was r english teacher and we called omg it wass sooo funny.

(pics r cummin ill send em afta my cam. is broken.SRY!)