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with pretty eyed boys girls die to trust


name: Macy Lynn L.
age:   fourteen
Location:  south jersey .. (blah)
status: single ...

emo or rap: emo
beyonce or ashanti: ashanti
britney spears or jessica simpson:  jessica simpson even tho she pretends to be dumb sometimes
christina aguilera or britney spears:  even tho shes sluttier .. id have to say xtina .. she has a beautiful voice
usher or jayz:  usher
pdiddy or jarule:  pdiddy ..hes a legend
hilary duff or lindsay lohan:  hmmm .. i wish i could say neither but since i have to choose ... i guess .. hilary
backstreet boys or nsync (lol): haha .. i used to be obsessed ... id have to say n*sync
dogs or cats: dogs .. i loveeee dogs .. i wish i had a little cute one to carry in my purse
lizzie mcquire or thats so raven:  umm .. i always watched lizzie instead of thats so raven when i was younger so i guess lizzie mcguire

what do you think of
britney spears:  shes not that good of a singer .. and she has become more "exposed" through the years .. yet she is pretty
emo:  i like it .. its different than other music .. and i love the lyrics too all emo songs .. its great music
jessica simpson:  shes beautiful .. shes blessed .. she has a beautiful voice .. she just acts dumb too much ..
gay marriage: i think its perfectly fine .. why should you be forbidden to marry someone just because theyre from the same sex ... thats ridiculous .. if you love someone you should have the same right as everyone else
50 cent:  i never really liked him
eminem:  i listen to his music when im mad
michael jackson:  why did he get his whole face screwed up ?! .. he was fine before that .. and now hes gettin charged with all this stuff ? .. what happened to the MJ we all used to know ?
degrassi: i love this show .. i love it i love it i love it .. even tho ive missed a couple of episodes this season

have you ever seen
fullhouse:  yea! i love this show .. its hilarious .. michelle is soo cute ..
clarissa explains it all: yes .. i used to watch this show when it used to play on nick ..
are you afriad of the dark: i used to love this show .. and i actually used to get scared .. lol .. i was like six
saved by the bell: i used to watch this while i was gettin ready for school .. and it was one of  my favorites
degrassi: my favorite show ...<3
finders keepers: haha this is still played on channel 132 or something like that on comcast digital cable
GUTS: global guts ? ..this show used to bore me
rugrats:  this show got soo old .. now they have all grown up or something .. my lil sis watches it
harriot the spy: are we referring to the movie .. because if we are .. i love that movie !!
banana pajamas: bananas in pajamas walking up the stairs .. or something .. isnt that the theme song ? sadly i remember this show .. lol
salor moon: i used to have the figurines ... even though i hardly ever watched that show

book: i have three ... The Lovely Bones .. Sloppy First ... Second Helpings
movie:  Mean Girls
color: pink
show: Degrassi
song:  Only you - Ashanti .. and Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney ..
band:  umm dashboard confessionals
singer/rapper: jesse mccartney
food: sushi
drink:  coke
animal:  little tiny puppies that famous people have
flavor:  vanilla
dessert:  cheesecake

TELL A funny STORY that happened to you. true story AND THREE PICTURES
My friend Caity, Meg, and I were at the wonderful jersey shore (the only good thing about where i live) and we were boogeyboarding and we were all side by side and all of a sudden caity wiped out cause she hit this little kid (which was sad) and me and meg kept going and then we collided and flipped over each other and the lifeguards were laughing at us .. and we turned around and my friend caity was standing there and her whole boob was hanging out and she didnt know and we were like CAITY YOUR TOP! .. and she got so embarassed but later on we cracked up about it ...

thats me on the right in the green

thats me <3

my best friend beckie and me ... (im in  the gray)


well i hope ya enjoyed!

now im gonna sit back and cross my fingers ....

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