Bottle to my head...pull the trigger (_xheartofglass) wrote in prettyfxcks,
Bottle to my head...pull the trigger

With pretty eyed boys girls die to trust

status:-Single but talkin to someone-

emo or rap:*Emo*
beyonce or ashanti:*Ashanti*
britney spears or jessica simpson:*Brittany*
christina aguilera or britney spears:*Christina*
usher or jayz:*Usher*
pdiddy or jarule:*Pdiddy*
hilary duff or lindsay lohan:*Lohan*
backstreet boys or nsync (lol):*//\\//*Sync*
dogs or cats:*dogs*
lizzie mcquire or thats so raven:*raven*

what do you think of
britney spears:~To be honest? She's okay..I mean she hasn't PERSONALLY done anything to me so why hate her?~
emo:~I guess I'm Emo..not because its sxe but because that's just I loveh it^__^ Gotta repersent(yes I said repERsent cuz I'm that hxc)~
jessica simpson:~Same as Britt..~
gay marriage:~I'm so for it..I'm bi*curious..fxck Bush he can kiss my axx...It's about LOVEH not GENDER!~
50 cent:~Eh...don't like rap~
eminem:~He's hawt..but his music is totally degrading to his mom,ex,and society~
michael jackson:~:shivers: He gives me the HEBE-GEBES!~
degrassi:~OMF I LOVE THAT SHOW!~

have you ever seen
fullhouse:=I used to scream MICHELLE MICHELLE at the end of each episode when I was little...=
clarissa explains it all:=Yes didn't like it=
are you afriad of the dark:=OMF that show scared me!=
saved by the bell:=I've seen every episode=
degrassi:=uhm who hasnt?!=
finders keepers:=Yes on G.A.S.=
GUTS:=I used to pretend I was on there (i love sports and athletic challanges)=
rugrats:=Haha yeah=
harriot the spy:=Yep=
banana pajamas:=I LOVE THE THEME SONG!=
salor moon:=Yep^__

book: Paddington Bear
movie: The Crow (1)
color: Anything neon
show: Rocko's Modern Life
song: Brightest-Copeland
band: Copeland
singer/rapper: Avril L (yes I'm that dorky)
food: Fries
drink: Dr. Pepper
animal: Penguin
flavor: Coffee mocha
dessert: Yogurt

TELL A funny STORY that happened to you. true story AND THREE PICTURES

•When I was in 5th grade I pissed myself @ was fxckin embarassing (short.sweet.not too funny)•

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