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name: Paula
age: 12 :p
Location: East Longmeadow, MA
status: single <3

emo or rap: i don't really know wut emo is so i guess, rap.
beyonce or ashanti: beyonce
britney spears or jessica simpson: Jessica Simpson
christina aguilera or britney spears: i have to say christina aguilera
usher or jayz: usher of course!!
pdiddy or jarule: neither :/
hilary duff or lindsay lohan: lindsay lohan
backstreet boys or nsync (lol): o...?? nsync
dogs or cats: DOGS !!
lizzie mcquire or thats so raven: thats so raven

what do you think of
britney spears: i think she's pretty,, she's got talent
emo: i don't really know wut emo is ...?? ((alot of ppl like it tho))
jessica simpson: she's bea-u-ti-ful. she has an amazing voice!!
gay marriage: i don't think it really matters - if someone is married w/ the same sex
50 cent: umm he's good but don't really care about him.
eminem: ok - he's amazing.. i love all of his songs!!
michael jackson: he scares me [[always]]
degrassi: <3 i love that show!! who doesn't watch it all the tym.

have you ever seen
fullhouse: yes. deffinitely!! its soo funny
clarissa explains it all: yes.

are you afriad of the dark: yes,, i used to watch that when i was like 6,7. it used to scare me alot!!
saved by the bell: sometimes
degrassi: YES -- watch it all the time
finders keepers: im not sure ..?
GUTS: nope
rugrats: yes,, watched it alot. i think i still watch it. lol. chuckie was my favorite 
harriot the spy: i think i saw it,,
banana pajamas: if it was the two bananas who wore blue and white striped pajamas then, yea i guess i did.
salor moon: ...??

book: gossip girl. i like got the first book from a friend and i like loved it -- &hearts;
movie: How to lose a guy in 10 days
color: PINK
show: full house --
song: not sure ... to many to name -
band: dunno
singer/rapper: eminem - he's awesome
food: chinese food.
drink: sprite / mountain dew
animal: dolphin
flavor: strawberry/watermelon
dessert: ice cream ..

TELL A funny STORY that happened to you. true story AND THREE PICTURES

hmm.. well one nite i thought my mom was waking me up to go take a shower for school. i woke up, toook a shower, got dressed and  got ready to school. suddenly, i heard my mom coming out of her room. she said "why are you awake?? its only 1:00 am and alsooo..." it was a saturday... i was like whooah.. my mom told my sister and dad.. i was laughing at myself too.. :D

pics: --

im the one wearing white 6th grade picture my friends and i ((im the one second girl from the right <3
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