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with pretty eyed boys girls die to trust

status: single so whats new?

emo or rap: emo
beyonce or ashanti: beyonce
britney spears or jessica simpson:Jessica Simpson
christina aguilera or britney spears:Britney Spears, Christina is too "diiiirrrttyyy"
usher or jayz:jayz
pdiddy or jarule:pdiddy, he's into politics more :D
hilary duff or lindsay lohan:lindsay lohan (wish I had her boobs)
backstreet boys or nsync (lol):nsync
dogs or cats: ahhhh! I cant choose easily but cats
lizzie mcquire or thats so raven:thats so raven

what do you think of
britney spears: she makes good music, I dont necessarily care about her private life
emo: I <3 it, but some bands take it tooo far with the wining
jessica simpson: I think the ditzyness is fake
gay marriage: I totally belive in it, they are no different than you or I. They deserve to have the right to get married to whomever they want. I think that bush can shove his church values up his oil smuggling ass
50 cent: I dont really like him that much
eminem: I like him cause he hates bush
michael jackson: needs to walk right into the nearest jail, its pretty sad when you have no where to get some,and then resort children.
degrassi: one of the best shows ever!

have you ever seen
fullhouse: yuppppp
clarissa explains it all: yuppppp
are you afriad of the dark: omg yes!
saved by the bell: lol of course
degrassi: Obviously
finders keepers: ? what?
GUTS: yes
rugrats: lol yes
harriot the spy: hahah yeah
banana pajamas: OMG! I own the stuffed animals, but I always thought the bears where bitchy
salor moon: HAHAHAH I LOVED THAT SHOW, sailor jupiter was my favorite!

book:Its a tie between Sloppy Firsts and The Perks of Being a Wallflower
movie: Garden State
color: blue
show: ahhh! tie between OC and veronica mars
song: Movie Script Ending by: Death Cab for Cutie
band: Death Cab for Cutie
singer/rapper: Andrew from Something Corporate, he's hot
food: SUSHI
drink: Green Tea
animal: Pandas
flavor: Peppermint
dessert: Peppermint Patties

Funny Story:
This kid Josh and I fight all the time in my gym class. Well this one particular day he decided to chase me and then try to choke me after he caught up. I was wicked angry after I got out of his death hold and I ran after him threatening to either kick him in the balls or take his life, but he had stopped in front of me and stretched out his leg. I couldn't stop in time and I ended up getting at least 3 feet of air, about 12 people laughing at me and blue knees just in time for homecoming.

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