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with pretty eyed boys girls die to trust ♥

name: kayla
age: fifteen
Location: ludlow, ma = lamest town ever !
status: single.

emo or rap: emo
beyonce or ashanti: beyonce. she's prettier and ashanti was MIA for a little bit.
britney spears or jessica simpson: britney spears
christina aguilera or britney spears: britney spears. christina is fake to the maxxxxxxxxxxx.
usher or jayz: usher
pdiddy or jarule: neither.
hilary duff or lindsay lohan: hilary duff
backstreet boys or nsync (lol): nsync. i never like the backstreet boys. they were really sketchy.
dogs or cats: dogs !
lizzie mcquire or thats so raven: if i'd have to say, lizzie mcguire. but i don't watch disney anymore.

what do you think of
britney spears: she's sweet. all that publicity makes her look bad.
emo: it's okay. some people are all like "OMFG EMO BLAH OMGOMG I LOVE IT" but it doesn't matter.
jessica simpson: she's stupid. the end.
gay marriage: i'm all for it. it's love and their lives. let them do what they want.
50 cent: never had a taste for him.
eminem: never had a taste for him, either. but his songs are really funny
michael jackson: thriller is the best ever. i know the whole dance.
degrassi: i used to watch it, but then it got boring.

have you ever seen
fullhouse: yes. and whenever i see it i go "OH OH I WENT TO SAN FRAN. I SAW THAT HOUSE"
clarissa explains it all: yes
are you afriad of the dark: yes
saved by the bell: yes my aunt would tell me that my future boyfriend would be screech. i was like seven. kthanks.
degrassi: yes
finders keepers: um i think so.
rugrats: yup
harriot the spy: the movie, yes.
banana pajamas: nope.
salor moon: yes, and it sucks. it's too much like anime.

book: i have a lot. the bell jar, a-list, whatever.
movie: hocus pocus, kissing jessica stein, good ones.
color: orange.
show: gilmore girls. can't live without them.
song: i don't have one. :X::X:X:X
band: i have many. underoath, the used, relient k.
singer/rapper: katy rose + avril. i don't care if you don't like them. they are independent and write their own music. props to them. i know i could never do it. i just hate it when people hate them for ridiculous reasons.
food: fetticine alfredo.
drink: mountain dew
animal: yorkshire terrier
flavor: vanilla
dessert: apple pie.

TELL A funny STORY that happened to you.
last year (FRESHMAN YEAR), i was walking up the stairs in school (REALLY TIRED) and i fell UP the stairs and the senior behind me was like.. "walk much?" and i just laid there. it was sad. true story.


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